Wardrobe Wednesday

Join us LIVE on our Facebook page ( @Bradyroseboutique ) EVERY Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  We are super excited to introduce this simple and seamless way to shop while you get to see our NEW inventory EVERY week!  Of course you can always shop our website, but shopping during our Live events gives you the chance to grab your favorites before they are gone.  How do you get started?  It’s simple!  Just follow these super simple steps and you’ll be on your way to shopping live!

1️⃣ Register

~ Pre-register by clicking this link: https://bradyrose.commentsold.com/   ~OR~

During one of our Wardrobe Wednesday Lives on Facebook, comment "Register"

➡️Follow these simple steps once you’ve done one of the 2 options listed above:

🔹Click “Login with Facebook”

🔹Click "Connect Messenger"

🔹Click "Get Started"  

(You want to make sure the “send to messenger” is checked. This is your way to get the notifications on the items you have claimed or waitlisted!)

2️⃣ Comment

~ When you see an item you’d like to purchase, enter these simple key words.  SOLD is the first key word in your comment + ITEM NUMBER  + the SIZE + the COLOR, and then send your comment.  You’re item will automatically get added to your cart!  It’s that easy!   

🚨Key things to know when commenting🚨

🔹 Each keyword MUST be:

            ➡️Spelled exactly as it’s shown on the live video

            ➡️In the format listed (SOLD NUMBER SIZE COLOR) Notice the space between each word.

(Example: The item showing on the top of the live screen shows: COMMENT SOLD: 101 in Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Colors: Black, Navy, Military Green ....You decide you would like to purchase this item and need the Medium in the color green.  Your comment must look like this: Sold 101 Medium Military Green)

🔹 If an item is listed as Sold Out, still continue with your comment as the system will automatically waitlist your item in your account. If the person directly before you that has the item you need it their cart, but doesn't complete their checkout within *30 minutes, it will drop from their cart and will be added to yours!  You will then be notified you can checkout with that item.

🔹Use ONLY one comment per item!  Even if you’d like more than one of the same item, you MUST add the items one at a time in its own comment.

🔹If you happen to make a mistake in your sent comment, you will need to send a brand new comment in order for the item to be processed properly.  Editing a comment once sent will not be recognized by the system.  

3️⃣ Checkout

~ Once you have commented SOLD on the item you’d like, a link will be sent to your messenger as well as your email.  Check your messenger and follow the link provided to head to checkout.

🌟It's really very simple!  Don't get discouraged by this long explanation.  I PROMISE you'll love shopping this way.  Once you join us on Wednesdays and give it a try, you'll see just how easy it is!  

🔹During the Facebook Lives, your carts will expire after 30 minutes.  This is because items are taken out of inventory as soon as it’s placed in a cart.  Once carts expire, those items are pulled from that cart and placed in the carts of the waitlisted customers in order in which they were commented on. HOWEVER, no need to worry. Once your cart is about to expire, go ahead and check out to ensure you receive your items!  THEN, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders after that for the next 12 hours!!  So go ahead, check out, and only pay shipping once in the next 12 hours!

🔹You can comment and add as many items as you would like before checking out. 

🔹All store policies remain the same no matter how you make your purchase.

🔹As always, we are always here to help!  Feel free to reach out via FB Messenger or email. 

🌹Thank you so much for all of your love and support! ~Brady Rose Boutique🌹