About Us

          My name is Nikki, and I am the founder and owner of Brady Rose Boutique.  Brady Rose Boutique is a woman owned boutique founded in 2021.  However, it has been a boutique in the making for decades.
          I was lucky enough to be raised by an extremely strong and independent mother who, along with too many amazing traits to list, just happened to have a passion for shopping.  Shopping trips became annual traditions for many occasions throughout the year.  Birthday shopping trips, school clothes shopping trips, Black Friday shopping trips, shopping boutiques on vacations... all became traditions held each and every year.  It may seem excessive to some, but it was a time that my mom and sister, aunt, cousins, and grandmother were together, making memories during our "girls trips" that we will always hold close and cherish.  As I grew up, days of shopping at children's and toy stores transitioned to more grown up, unique, and one of a kind stores.  This is where the love of boutique shopping began.  Those traditions are still going strong today, and are being passed down through generations.  In fact, my mom and I still go Boutique shopping on my birthday every year, a tradition so loved, not even a pandemic could stop that.
          As I grew into an adult, things started to change.  I was no longer just looking for amazing clothing, but was also shopping for unique accessories, greeting cards for all occasions, special gifts for baby showers, graduations, special events, and occasions.  Looking for those unique, stand out items has become such an enjoyment and a passion for me, my dream of owning a boutique of my own was born.  With the support of my husband, Dan, I started to search for locations to open a brick and mortar boutique!  With many locations seriously considered, on more than one occasion, I felt like my dream was finally becoming a reality.  However, with having two school aged children, doubt always crept in at the last minute.  Was it really the best time to take that kind of risk?  I let the doubt take over, and opportunities passed by.  Well, that was until we came to the year 2020.......
          After what seemed like the longest year ever, and along with the rest of the world, I realized that life is short, and everything can change in the matter of days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. With life being such a fragile thing, and the help of a wonderful friend, I came to the realization that you have to do what you want, and you have to do it now.  My children are getting older, and there's never been a better time.  So, with Dan, our son Brady, and daughter Kyla Rose, Brady Rose Boutique was born! 
          I'm so excited to share our boutique with you!!  Let me tell you, it's taken a long time to finally open our doors!!  Here at Brady Rose Boutique, we do our research!  We offer clothing from top boutique clothing companies, and also from more unique, trendy companies.   We have also started to carry a line of clothing and accessories from companies that are certified organic and fair trade.  Whatever it is that you're looking for, and that may even change depending on the season or even the day, we will work hard to make sure we are continuing to meet the demands of all women!  
          Along with my research, I have found a strong passion and love for finding those small businesses and mom and pop shops across the country that produce amazing items.  There are more companies than I can count that hold their values and production process to the highest of standards; something that at times can seem unimportant in today's world.  These companies know the names of all their employees, offer fair and safe working environments, are Eco-Friendly, Social Good, and in many cases, woman owned, and I want to do business with each and every one of them!  
         You can also join myself and the Brady Rose Boutique team every 1st,2nd, and 4th Wednesday for our "Wardrobe Wednesday" Live Facebook showing of all the new inventory for that week, and also see those amazing products from one of these amazing, noteworthy companies!  
          Through my upbringing, deep love for family, friends, traditions, and passion for all things fashion, I created Brady Rose Boutique with the idea that there doesn't have to be boundaries, or target audiences, or a specific theme.  That a small business can offer a little something for everyone, whether it's a trendy top, or a timeless cardigan.  A mug for a friend going through a hard time, or a high quality baby shower gift.  To something as simple as a peanut butter cup to sweeten your day, or even a gift for your fur baby.  Our boutique is different.  It's personal.  It's a family.  It's unique.  It's been created with hard work.  With love.  We've put the time in so you can shop with ease, enjoyment, and love, which is what boutique shopping is all about.  So whether you're looking for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe, accessories, goodies for yourself, a beautiful gift, or a just because, you'll find what your looking for at Brady Rose Boutique.  There are so many things to look forward to, and here at Brady Rose Boutique, we can't wait for you to join us on our journey!