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Myra Bag

Show Up In Class Wine Bottle Bag

Show Up In Class Wine Bottle Bag

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Wine is reputed to be classy which is why it needs a cover worth it's name. Here's a sleek candidate that will flirt with its attractive rug designs and dashing quality. Before you know it, you'll be head over heels.


Symmetrical rug sketches over a white canvas with delicate inner lining marks the oomph that this wine bottle carrier oozes out. Boasting of great quality and built, this one knows how to make an impression!

The moment your fingers feel the refined quality of this Barware wine bottle carrier, you'd want it as your own. After intricate process of designing, the leather has been stitched together with two straps.

This handcrafted wine bag is to protect your special bottle from scratches or damage. Carefully designed to withstand habitual use. This sophisticated single wine bottle tote features paddingfor taking care.

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