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The Hearthside Collection

Hand Carved Winter Trees

Hand Carved Winter Trees

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Our Hand Carved Trees are tabletop trees that are perfect for sprucing up the holidays. Trees are free standing and complement signs, sitters, and florals. It is the ideal size for display on a sofa table, bookshelf, or mantelpiece.  They work with all winter decor and looks great year-round.  

Large Hand Carved Wooden Tree: Hand Painted Green and measures 16" high by 3.5" wide

Medium Tree: Resin carved tree modeled after an alpine tree. It has distressed green branches and a textured brown trunk and rests on a rounded base. Measures 12" high by 2.75" wide by 2" deep.

Small Tree: Resin carved alpine tree is a painted resin figure on a rounded base. It is lightly distressed and textured and is modeled after genuine alpine trees with green branches and a brown trunk and base. Measures high by 2.25" wide by 2" deep.

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